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Don A. Alvarez   CVAH president

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   Craig T. Kugisaki Attorney At  Law, A Law Corporation  

    State  Rep. Lynn  Finnegan (R)   Hawaii District 32

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Cagayan Valley Association of Hawaii (CVAH) founded in 1976 is a non profit community civic organization in the island of Oahu in Hawaii. We promote camaraderie and friendship by serving our community and by supporting or helping in projects that benefits our community, promoting education through scholarship sponsoring, and some other activities that involves our culture and our way of life. Founders of this organization are mostly from Region 2, Cagayan Valley, Philippines from the provinces of Batanes, Cagayan, Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya, and Quirino. Membership to this organization is open to anyone 18 years old and above who are willing to help and support CVAH projects and fundraising events and must be of sound mind and of good moral character and a legal resident in the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Honorary membership from places other than Oahu maybe available, contact us for details. Membership however is not automatic, it is subject for approval by the membership committee. Former Cagayan Valley residents and those who have relatives and ties in this region are encouraged to join in and participate in our activities. Come and join us, and take pride in being a member of the Cagayan Valley Association of Hawaii. ______________________________________________________
Cagayan Valley Anthem
by: Andrea Baptista - Talent Searchers Club of Hawaii      

Cagayan, my valley home is dear to me                  
Thou from her my footsteps far may stray.
Over mountains, plains beyond the deep blue sea
                           I shall love thee ever be where're I may.

Cagayan, O smiling land of beauty                 
Cagayan, my heart clings unto thee
Thou from her my footsteps far away may stray.                            I shall love thee ever be where're I may.

Cagayan, ili a napateg caniac                 
Adayu man silalaguipac.
Banbantay man ken taao a nalinac                     
                     Ayatencanto latta awan duaduac.

Cagayan, Naisemca a baggac,                 
Cagayan, pusoc adda kenca                                         
Sadino man a disso ti pagyanac                                 Ayatencanto latta awan duaduac.

Cagayan, dabbun nga cacastan niacan                 
Egga ca rana cuaan ta piam,
Nu curug tu naparayu ca niacan                     
                 Arriata ca bulubuga nga cattaman.                                           Cagayan, maquemmequemme ca nga innan               
Cagayan, auan tu caguittam,
Nu ani paga casta nga dabbun caruan
Egga ca la futu nga idedducan.  

I shall love thee ever be where're I may.                            Ayatencanto latta awan duaduac. 







Batanes - Cagayan - Isabela - Nueva Vizcaya - Quirino

Vhen Bautista
Prince of Ilocano songs and a native son of Claveria, Cagayan sings CLAVERIA.

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Andrea Baptista sings ISABELA 

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Nueva Vizcaya Song


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