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CVAH Trip to the Philippines

We will be going to Cagayan next year May 17, 2008 accompanying possibly the Governor of Hawaii and other State officials to meet with the Governor of Cagayan for the signing of the province of Cagayan and State of Hawaii's sister State/Province friendly  relations agreement. Retired representative Dennis Arakaki (adopted son of Cagayan) just came back from the Philippines and went to visit Tuguegarao, Aparri, Ballesteros, Sanchez Mira and Claveria. We hope to visit these same places on this said mission next year. Come join us in this mission and be a part of a historic event that comes once in a lifetime.

We welcome everyone to join us in this trip as well as Cagayanos from other States. Please contact Don Alvarez for further details.

posted by: Don Alvarez 12-12-2007

Abulug Vice Mayor tours USA and Canadian West Coast

Abulug, Cagayan Vice Mayor, Rommel Barroga and wife Ligaya were in the USA and Canada the whole month of March 2008 on an unofficial visit visiting family members and relatives in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver, BC. Both are ilocanos but also fluent in the ibanag language. They both seen the CVAH web site and browsed through the officers page and they came to recognized familiar names and faces from the officers group. They wish to convey their greetings of Mabuhay and Aloha to all members and officers of the Cagayan Valley Association of Hawaii.

posted by: Richard P. Abadilla 03-24-2008

A Letter of Invitation from the Governor of Cagayan

In preparations for the sister State/Province friendly Relations between the State of Hawaii and the Province of Cagayan, the Governor of Cagayan sent a letter of invitation to Don Alvarez, Rep. Lynn Finnegan, Chulet Paco, and a letter to Rep. Dennis Arakaki naming selected schools in Cagayan for the sister schools program with schools in Hawaii. In the letter of invitation, the Governor wish to know the exact date of our arrival in Cagayan so they can fully coordinate and plan the activities they are preparing for us.

Read or download copy of the Letters:------> Letter sent to Chulet Paco

                                                               Letter sent to Rep. Arakaki

posted by: Chulet Paco 03-27-2008

 Lady in Red Ball

Last month, Feb. 2, 2008, the Cagayan Valley Association of Hawaii produced in association with KATHA,  the Lady in Red Ball at Ala Moana Hotel, Hibiscus Ballroom. The event was to raise funds for the Cagayan goodwill mission. The highlight of the evening was a contest for the Lady in Red 2008, Man in Red 2008 and Pair of
Hearts 2008. There were 3 panel of judges:
(1) Dustin Watchman, who is a working actor having appeared a variety of shows such as Tears of the Sun,
 along Came Polly, North Shore Hawaii and most recently was cast as a recurring character on the show  Lost
(2)Jonelle Layfield - is the reigning Miss Hawaii USA 2008;
(3) Emmie Anderson - is the reigning Mrs. Hawaii Filipina and KORL Radio producer and announcer.

The winners were:

Lady in Red 2008 - Miss Melissa McMurray, reigning UFCH Miss Teen Hawaii Filipina
Man in Red 2008 - Tony Saramosing
Pair of Hearts 2008 - Joe and Delmar Magno

Being picked Lady in Red, Melissa will be going to Cagayan for the goodwill mission as the Ari-Bai of CVAH.

posted by: Chulet Paco 03-29-2008

Goodwill Mission Postponed

Our trip to Cagayan for the signing of that sisterhood will be next year 2009. January 3rd to the 13th. It was decided last Sunday, 3-30-2008 in a meeting because May was too soon and we don't have enough time to prepare.

posted by: Don Alvarez 04-02-2008



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